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Property Maintenance Services to Preserve Your Property

Property CareWherever you are, your property care in Pune is the complete responsibility of Max Properties. We take care of it. We guard it against property hazards, land grabbing and unauthorized occupations. Our professional property maintenance services are tailor-made especially for the people:

  1. Who are away from the property,
  2. Who live overseas,
  3. Who are too busy to look after their property,
  4. Who do not want the hassles of property maintenance or don’t have time for property care in Pune
  5. NRIs who don’t want burden their family/relatives/friends with obligations

Our professional property maintenance services Pune include site monitoring, physical inspection, rental management, fence construction and other property care services. Max Properties offers property maintenance services to tenant-occupied spaces as well as open plots, apartments, bungalows, etc. Our property care services include:

Property Maintenance
We offer property maintenance services in Pune to all types of properties. If you own an open plot that requires protection and maintenance, we will get it fenced and if needed post a watchman. If you want us to take care of your flat or apartment in Pune, we recruit house working men or women. We represent you to all third party service providers such as electricity and water supply firms, electronic security services, etc., relieving you from the ownership representation worries.

Physical Inspection
We inspect your property both regularly and randomly. Such periodical inspection keeps property away from unwanted hazards. If you are an NRI or someone living away from the property, we send you pictures and video clippings of your property as proof of maintenance through e-mail every time we check it.

Tax & Bill Payments
For NRIs, overseas Indians and owners who are away from their property, it can be quite stressful and irritating to crosscheck their payments relating to taxes and utility bill payments. Max Properties will take care of all tax and bill payments such as electricity, water, telephone, internet, property taxes, etc. We will pay them through our bill payment services if needed. Prompt and regular communication of all transactions with updated information will be provided to you through e-mail, telephone or by any other means that is comfortable to you.

Our property maintenance services are designed to support our clients in taking care of their properties. We offer property care services with a personalized touch, ensuring that your home gets the same treatment it would from you. If you are looking for professional property care in Pune, call Max Properties today!

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