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Tenancy Management Services

Tenancy Management Services for Renting & Leasing Properties

Tenancy ManagementMax Properties offers comprehensive professional tenancy management solutions in Pune for complete peace of mind. Leave the hassles to us and savour the fruits of your assets. We handle all types of properties for tenancy management such as independent houses, apartments, offices, showrooms and other commercial spaces. Whether for your existing property or the one which you are going to buy, Max Properties takes care of all your concerns from renting it to the qualified tenants to minute details of lease agreements. Leave the tenancy management worries to us and you can enjoy the results!
Our  tenancy management services encompass :

  1. Locating Tenants.
  2. Lease Management.
  3. Rental Management.
  4. Repair services.

Locating Tenants
Through our website, local newspaper advertising and property related websites we will help you in locating tenant that will be interested in renting your property.

Lease Management
Whether your property is rented to a family or leased to a big commercial office, we take care of all the legal procedures including the registration of rental agreements with the municipal corporation and the appropriate government authorities so as to make it easy to pay property taxes. We handle all the documents related to tenant and landlord leases, even if it involves powers of attorney. Due diligence will be employed in the documentation of lease papers to avoid any legal disputes.

Rental Management
Even if you and your property are half-way across the world, Max Properties provides easy and comfortable tenancy management in Pune. We collect the rental cheques and deposit them in the bank account specified by you. If the property is commercial we manage the contracts with the tenants on an annual or if required periodical basis. You also have the option of having the money paid to a person specified by you (preferably a relative or a close friend) in the city or in some other way you feel comfortable. This is particularly useful to the NRI investors and those who stay outside Pune.

Repair services
Max Properties will regularly inspect the premises from time to time for any required repair and property management services. We also handle tenant complaints and concerns.

Max Properties is the leader in providing exclusive property management services in Pune. You can use our tenancy management services and see the difference for yourselves. We provide customized tenancy management services which give our customers a complete assurance that their property is in the right hands. Our property management services will benefit you in many ways. Call us today for a quote!

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